Certified, Trusted, and Experienced in Navigating Divorce and Ensuring Both Parties Win.

Why work with a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist (CREDS)?

A Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist is someone knowledgeable and equipped in supporting divorcing clients and has a superior understanding of the financial, legal, and mental health ramifications of handling a home through a divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is something that happens to almost 50% of all couples in the United States. The emotional and physical toll a divorce can take on an individual and their families can be excruciating and painful, not to mention costly.

Choosing the right divorce team for YOU and your situation, is the most important decision you can make to ensure your real estate success. One part of your divorce team that you may not initially consider is a Real Estate Divorce Specialist. Working with a Realtor with real life experience, Washington State knowledge of the divorce process, and someone both spouses can trust, is extremely important.

When selling a home and going through a divorce, you will want to work with a trusted real estate broker who possesses exceptional communication skills and truly listens to the goals of each spouse.


Often times, divorcing parties do not get along or communicate well, and you’ll want someone who understands the nature of the divorce, emotional baggage, and what needs to be done to get you through this process and on with your life. You will also want someone who can be a neutral third party who is representing both of your interests fairly.

Amy Alpeza, Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist is just that person. Amy’s clients continuously share that she has a gift of listening and supporting each party’s wants and needs while maneuvering this often-tricky and stressful chapter. Amy is not only a CREDS Broker, but has gone through a divorce herself and has experienced the painful struggle of decoupling lives, finances and more. She uniquely understands what you may be going through and how best to navigate this challenging time quickly and efficiently, to allow you to move on with your life.


When it comes to selling your home during a divorce, Amy’s number one priority is to sell the home for the highest price and as quickly as possible, with the least amount of stress. The equity in your home will provide a launching pad for the next chapter in your lives and shouldn’t be left up to just anyone.


Her extensive history in supporting divorcing clients through the sale of their home provides insight that a traditional real estate agent cannot provide. She also works with you, your legal, and financial teams, and can assist as you maneuver the different stages of your divorce and the sale of your home. If you’re in the Redmond, Bellevue, or Kirkland, Washington areas, and are going through a divorce, reach out to Amy to discuss the sale of your home.

Are you prepared to protect your home through a divorce?

Divorce brings certain tax implications you’ll want to be informed about.
1. Managing debt: Protect your credit score in a divorce.
2. What if your home won’t sell during a divorce?
3. Understanding Capital Gains Taxes when selling a home and divorcing.
4. Splitting the home sale proceeds through a divorce.

Ok, you’re getting divorced, now what do you do?



Consult and hire your legal team. Having a Divorce Attorney with extensive legal experience is critical. Working with a team you can trust and afford is essential. Looking for an attorney? Reach out! I work with excellent local divorce attorneys that will work with you and your entire divorce team.


Set up a meeting with a Real Estate Divorce Specialist like me to discuss options around what to do with your real estate, whether it’s residential or commercial, rental property or a vacation home. Even if you don’t own real estate, you have a real estate issue! In 99% of cases, one spouse will be moving, refinancing, or purchasing a new home, if not both. Make sure you have all the information you need to be successful.


Connect with your Financial Advisor and alert them as to what is going on. If you don’t have one or share one with your spouse, now is a good time to hire a new one. Need help? I work with some excellent advisors in the area that will support and collaborate with your divorce team.


Consult your Mortgage Broker. If you own real estate and are looking to a) Keep your home, b) Sell your home, c) Buy a new home, you need the advice of a mortgage professional before your divorce settlement is finalized. There are many different strategies your attorney can employ through your divorce settlement to reach your goals – but you need to know what you can and can’t afford in order to get you there. Again, I work with an amazing bunch of professionals – just ask!


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