Purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. Allow me to help you find the right property that meets your goals and dreams.

Picking the right buyer’s agent is everything

From property hunting, making offers, entering escrow and even to moving in, there are many stops along the path of purchasing a home. Having a highly-skilled advisor and negotiator by your side, who is immersed in the local market makes finding your dream home search not only more successful but, dare I say, more fun! Ready for a hassle-free search? You’ve come to the right place.

Partnering with You on Your Real Estate Journey

Buying a home can be daunting – especially for first time homebuyers. Having an agent who is an expert on the local market can make all the difference. Amy brings nearly two decades of experience in real estate and development to her clients, ensuring each client has the best insight into finding the right property for their needs today and in the future. A knowledgeable partner like Amy can also make the process more fun, less stressful and easier.


Knowledge of the local market – we can quickly narrow our search to where you are likely to find your perfect home at the price you want.

Relationships with other brokers. Amy has deep and long-standing working relationships with many brokers in the Puget Sound. She knows the market and how best to position clients to win in negotiations on home purchases.

Saving you time – Amy’s team will do a lot of the legwork and initial vetting of properties, eliminating homes that do not meet your criteria.

A curated approach, setting appointments, previewing homes and determining the pros and cons of each property.

In-depth information and access – giving you the background and availability to see almost any property listed for sale in the Seattle area.

Expert guidance through the entire process. From home selection to making an offer and negotiating, Amy will lead you every step of the way.



The first and biggest step in purchasing a property is a clear understanding of your finances and what you can afford. Amy will want to discuss your specific situation, how you’ll be paying for the initial down payment and financing the purchase. If needed, Amy can connect you with trusted mortgage brokers who will work with you to identify the exact price range you can afford and also provide pre-approval letters that are needed for any offers to be submitted on a property.


The perfect property might look different than you previously thought. So many factors go into finding the right house. It’s important to look at things like proximity to work, access to schools, recreational facilities, what the neighborhood is like, and more. Identifying the factors that matter to you is truly a personal journey. However, Amy can help you through these questions and deciding what neighborhoods and types of properties might be best suited for you.


It’s important to work with a REALTOR® who makes you feel completely comfortable and heard. Amy is a seasoned and experienced Realtor who has helped countless people buy and sell real estate in the Puget Sound. Buying a home can be one of the most intimate, short-term relationships you will ever have. It’s important for you and your broker to have a connection and understand each other. They need to communicate with you in a way that makes sense, is clear and puts you at ease about the search and purchase of your home. You also need to trust your broker as someone that has your best interests in mind and not there’s. Amy approaches each transaction as if it was her own and works to ensure clients’ needs are the starting point for any search or real estate transaction and that the buyer is aware of each step and action within the buying process.


One of the most fun parts of real estate can be searching to see what properties are available and match your criteria. Using the property search feature on this site and consulting with Amy, you will be able to find homes that match your desired criteria. She will update you frequently regarding new listings and schedule appointments with sellers to view the properties you’d like to see.


You’ve found the one! The offer and closing process can be both fun and stressful as you submit your offer and wait to hear if the seller has approved, countered or rejected it. This is where you and Amy will work hand-in-hand to discuss the terms of the sale, what you’re willing or able to offer on the property as well as navigating the closing process through escrow.

Once closed… congratulations are in order! Becoming a new homeowner is one of the most liberating things you’ll ever experience. There are many benefits to home ownership — pride of ownership, the ability to make home improvements, building equity, appreciation — the list goes on!

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buyer testimonial

“I absolutely cannot speak highly enough of the outstanding service I received from Amy Alpeza. She literally went above and beyond helping me find the perfect home all while I was on a remote, water-locked, ferry serviced island that would have required me to take ferries to view homes. Amy went to many (many!) homes and face-timed with me so I could see them. After a while, I started to feel bad dragging her all over King and Snohomish counties but she reassured me it was totally fine and made me feel better! She also reassured me that we would find the perfect home and to hang in there – and boy, was she right! We finally found the most perfect home ever; however, there was an offer review date and I was concerned about losing the opportunity to have this amazing home. Amy demonstrated a level of professionalism and expertise as she helped craft the perfect offer which resulted in the offer being accepted over all other offers. Thank you Amy!!! Amy not only possesses exceptional negotiation skills but also has a keen understanding of the emotional aspect of buying a home. From the very beginning of this house hunting journey, she took the time to understand my preferences, priorities, and concerns, making the entire journey feel personalized and enjoyable. Furthermore, Amy demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, coordinating seamlessly with other professionals involved in the transaction. This ensured a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy to anyone in search of a dedicated and skilled real estate professional. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her personable approach, made the home-buying experience not only successful but truly enjoyable. I am forever grateful for Amy!!” ~Bellevue, WA



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