Do You Love Your Home?

Do you love the home you live in? Really think about it. How much you enjoy your home makes a bigger difference than most realize. Everything you know about work-life balance depends on your house being a place where you can relax and recharge. The amount your home makes you happy is quantifiable. How your home suits you and your needs directly affect your daily stress level. Your ability to recharge affects your productivity level. Your mood and mental health all hinge on your home being a place that makes you feel good and provides the right resources, layout, and opportunity for you to recharge and relax.

Working from home has also amplify the importance of how well you and your home work together. If the space isn’t suitable or the environment doesn’t uplift you, then you might not be in the right place to become your primary HQ for the next decade. The good news is that right now is a historically good time to sell a house. As families realize just how vital a well-fitted home is, many are selling and looking for a home they can really love.
So, look around. Does your home fit your current needs and uplift you in the time you spend there? If not, now is a good time to consider the housing market and a home that you will love to wake up in every morning, work in, and share with your family.

What Would You Change?

  • The Windows
  • The Kitchen Design
  • The Floorplan Style
  • More or Fewer Bedrooms
  • The Front Porch or Backyard
  • Home Office Space

The best place to start is what you would change about your current home. You can also make a list of things you’ve loved from previous homes. What frustrates you in the kitchen? What would you change for a home office? Do you need more, less, or a different space for your family?

You can also take examples from home you’ve occupied in the past. You may have loved the porch from one house and the efficient laundry room from another. You might want a house washed in windows and sunshine or miss living in a cottage under a canopy of ancient neighborhood trees. You may have a favorite kitchen or, finally, know what you want from a personal home office.

What would make your current home into a dream home? What would you look for in a new house?

Finding a Home You Really Love

  • Styles that uplift you
  • Ergonomic home design
  • Enough room for each member of the family
  • The right home office space

What makes a home that you would love? Look for home designs that uplift you. Explore the market and image blogs to discover what designs would make you smile and make your home feel truly special. Maybe you’ve always wanted a little garden with a gate or a condo with a view. What makes a place feel like your ideal personal space? What uplifts you and helps you feel like you’ve come home?

Start looking for these features in homes on the housing market. Find candidates for your true dream home with features that make you smile each time you walk through the doors.

Remodeling with an Eye for the Future

For many homeowners, your house is near – but not quite – perfect. Perhaps the master bath is a bit too crowded, or you’d rather have open space instead of a separate hallway. Many people reinvent the kitchen to achieve that home-you-love feeling in every corner of the house.

If your home needs a little remodeling, be sure to choose items that uplift you and the potential in property values. A kitchen renovation can seriously improve how much your home sells for later, but only if the kitchen has a cleverly beautiful back-to-neutral design.

Talking to a real estate agent is a great place to start when it comes to evaluating your home options and talking about making major home renovations. They can tell you which renovations will be valuable in the long run and help support and advise you.

Not to mention, specific locations, such as Redmond, Kirkland, or Bellevue, offer different benefits.

Taking the Next Step

Ready to evaluate renovations on your current home, or sell your current house and move into another home that is more suited to your needs? Let’s connect and talk about what your best path is!



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