It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Now what are you cooking for dinner?

Hello, my foodie friends!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, the time that we get to entertain, cook, eat, and enjoy all the joyous festivities with FOOD! And not just everyday food, the food that makes you unbutton your jeans, go into food comas, and have the never-ending feeling of “yum”!

If you’re starting to think about your holiday feasts and meal planning, you’re right there with almost everyone else. There’s so much to plan for! How many people will you be cooking for if you’re hosting Christmas dinner? Who’s coming to stay, and what are their food restrictions or preferences? Am I buying the Costco pumpkin pie, or making Grandma’s from scratch? So many questions to answer!

But here’s the truth, the food is there for a blip, but the company and memories are there forever. So, is it worth all the stress, money, planning, and everything between? (If we’re honest, this answer is partially yes. Haha.) Let’s find the healthy balance between—delicious food that won’t take an army to make or fund!


Christmas Charcutewreath
Sweet Potato Bites
Cheesy Garlic Pull-Apart Bread
Crostini Appetizer with Goat Cheese Pomegranate
Caramelized Onion Dip Recipe

The main course.

Mustard-Crusted Boneless Prime Rib Roast with Cream Sauce
Old-Fashioned Ham with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze
Tahini-Lemon Quinoa With Asparagus Ribbons
Chimichurri Cauliflower “Steaks”
Crown Roast of Pork with Lady Apples and Shallots


Cranberry Pie
Fruit and Nut Trifle
Eggnog Cheesecake
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars
Costco or local pies (I promise, you can’t go wrong!)

Cocktails, because you always need a signature cocktail!

Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail
Mulled Wine
Eggnog Cocktail
Lemon meringue margarita

No matter what you serve, I hope your holidays are filled with an abundance of love and beautiful memories made.

Happy Holidays,



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