Working Remotely: Our Needs are Changing!

What do you look for in a home? Today, our answer to this question may be very different from the same answer two years ago. Since then, many lives have changed, shifting toward a lifestyle of remote work and more at-home family time. This lifestyle is something new, made possible by technology and made necessary by the recent global pandemic conditions. As professionals and as homeowners, are needs are also changing. When house-hunting today, no doubt you have a few key priorities that have developed since the beginning of the COVID crisis.

As a culture, our needs as homebuyers are changing to accommodate the new remote work lifestyle. This is shaping our choice of homes and renovation plans in some very specific ways.

Room for the Home Office (or Two)

The single most important home future right now is room for a home office – or maybe two home offices. We’ve learned from experience that a home office is usually best when enclosed in a quiet space, away from the bustle of at-home family life. It helps to have a beautiful or neutral wall behind you for Zoom meetings and a private space to organize your supplies and thoughts. But what makes a great home office in your house hunt today?

An Extra Bedroom

Most homebuyers are looking for an extra bedroom to accommodate their home office needs. This is practical, as a bedroom always has enough space for a desk, chair, and a few shelves. Of course, more bedrooms mean a higher price on the home and you do have some other interesting options.

Finished Basements, Attics, and Spaces with Office Potential.

Areas with potential to be your home office may include a finished basement or attic that is not yet bedroom-ready. Unusual nooks, oddly shaped rooms, and recently finished spaces make great home offices where other room designs just wont fit – and you get the advantage of being out of the way fo family bustle while you are trying to work. The right space can be decorated or renovated to be the enclosed office you need.

Greater Work-Life Balance at Home

Homeowners and professionals today also have a much stronger need for a home-life balance, partly because you’re always at home! It’s important to draw the line between work time and personal time. Turn off your phone when you’re off the clock and choose a home that can become your oasis away from the home office. A beautiful back deck or an immersive living room could be exactly what you need to relax between sessions of at-home work. Give yourself plenty of room to move around and don’t be afraid to go for a run.

Learning-Ready Space for Kids at Home

With the resurgence issue, we can’t be certain if local schools will lockdown again, so many parents are planning ahead for at-home learning. Living rooms or children’s bedrooms should be spacious enough to become a classroom instead. This may need to happen in parallel to your at-home working hours, so you’ll want plenty of room between the home office and the home classroom so your children can laugh and get excited about their lessons.

Friendly No-Contact Deliveries

The last piece of the puzzle is no-contact delivery. The right porch makes it easy, even friendly, to welcome your delivery person and invite them to leave items on the porch table. You can streamline your entire no-contact delivery process and make delivery drivers feel appreciated with just a little intentional porch design. This makes ordering things you’d rather go out for just a little bit easier.


If you’re looking for the ideal home to suit your new remote-friendly lifestyle, I’m here to help. With a background in construction, I can help you evaluate options for changes or updates to a home you want to renovate to suit your needs, making many more homes a great starting potential. Or, if you need assistance with evaluating the options for your current home and getting the most ROI possible, I’m happy to help consult as well.

Ready to explore options or find your new home? I’d love to chat about your opportunities and finding or creating the perfect remote workspace for you!


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