Sun’s Out Buns Out: Seattle Eastside Activities & Fun!

You know it’s summer when you hear the phrase” Suns out Buns out,” and there’s no better time to turn your summer bucket list favorites into some great memories. Summer is when many outdoor activities come alive, making it all about taking weekend getaways, beach adventures, and breaking out that grill. Check out these family-friendly outdoor activities;


Seattle is right in the middle of some truly spectacular things to do if you’re an outdoorsy person. Here are examples of such outdoor activities that you can enjoy around the Seattle Eastside area;

• Go backpacking to take in the mountains.
• If hiking is your thing, there is Mount Rainer National ParkOlympic National Park, and enjoy breathtaking views from the Washington trails.
• There are fewer strenuous outdoor adventures, such as paddleboarding and kayaking on Lake Sammamish.
• Enjoy various activities while taking in panoramic views along with Lake Washington.
• You can go whitewater rafting in Upper Skagit or take up guided sailing at Bainbridge.


Seattle Eastside has become the jump-off point for everything wilderness explorationmicrobreweries, creative food, and outdoor recreation. However, you don’t need to take a costly holiday trip because you can turn your backyard into a summer holiday extraordinaire with the right company. Here are fun-filled and family-friendly activities you can do right in your backyard;

1.    Put your legendary grilling skills to work and impress your family and friends with a stellar backyard barbecue party.

2.    Stimulate your kid’s imaginations with some DIY fun activities such as lawn bowling, water balloon toss, treasure maps, scavenger hunts, sack races, at-home croquet, etc.

3.    Move your board games outdoors on the most beautiful day in Seattle Eastside. For a perfect addition to your next backyard party or BBQ, get giant versions of the standard board games and triple the fun playing giant foosball, Tic-tac-toe, beer pong, bowling, chessboard, Jenga, including yard dice games like Yahtzee and Bunco.

There are endless family-friendly activities to do because Seattle Eastside has incredible summers for spending time outdoors, plus many of its suburbs and the surrounding locales have a diverse culture and history to explore.

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Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash.


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