The History Behind Black History Month

Black History Month was initially formed in February of 1926 as a way to recognize the many contributions of African Americans and the Black community. It is a time that we celebrate a nationally celebrated month that reflects on the important roles that African Americans have played in building the United States as we know it today. We recognize this month to remember the selfless, brave, important paths and accomplishments of Black Americans.

Carter G. Woodson is a trailblazer who should be given a monumental amount of credit when recognizing this month.

CNN recently published an article regarding “the man behind the holiday”. Take some time to learn more about Carter and the important role that he played, and why he is known as the “Father of Black History”.

It is more important than ever to remember and teach the role that African Americans have had in shaping our lives and the world today. Join me in committing to sharing the incredible life that Carter Woodward played in Black History month and our lives today.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month from home, here are a number of ways you can do so without even leaving home.


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