Attention Sellers: Are You Preparing for the Spring Real Estate Market?

Things to Do to Net you the Highest Return on the Sale of your Home

Spring is coming, and the new year is underway. You want the right buyer for your home. Here are some simple and proven ways to get results.

  • Work with the right Realtor. Experts make things easy, so choosing an experienced and successful Realtor who really knows your area will make it easier for you to get the results you want.
  • Something I like to do with my clients is to explain market expectations and current trends. This will help you to know what to expect in terms of price and timeframe. We want spring cheer to spill over into getting your house on the market and under contract.

Having your home on the market in the spring often means a better sale and a quicker sale, because motivated buyers start looking when the weather picks up. Now is the right time to do your prepping, so you are ready when the buyers come looking.

Things to Do to Get the Sale

Getting your home ready to attract your buyers can be fun. It can also make you money. According to the National Association of Realtors, 71% of sellers’ agents say a well-staged home increases the dollar value. Putting these ideas in place to get your home ready has two other benefits; you have already eliminated clutter and gotten rid of items you don’t use and you’ve likely already started packing.

Let’s divide your prepping into three simple sections: outside appeal, inside focus points, and the overall feel you want your buyers to take away with them. These are the three biggies:

  • First impressions matter.
  • Guiding the buyer’s eye helps them to notice your home’s best features.
  • Helping them remember your home more than all the others encourages that second viewing and their final decision.

First Impressions Matter

The buyer pulls up outside your home and immediately sees what you want them to see, so:

  • Trim the hedges, keep the lawn looking good, clear away the things that didn’t make it through the winter, and put in some spring flowers. Spring flowers are cheerful, and a well-kept yard says you care.
  • Check out your home’s exterior. Does it need a clean, are the gutters clear, does the front door say “Welcome”?
  • Clean the windows and mirrors to let in, and to reflect, as much sunlight as possible. Sparkle sells and sunshine is free.

Guiding the Buyer’s Eye

As they step through the door, you want your buyer to notice your home’s special features. You do this by putting simple things in the right place. For example:

  • If they step into a small entrance area, have a small table with a vase of flowers like those in your garden to greet them.
  • Polish the floors and clean the carpets.
  • When the buyer enters each room, you want them to focus on whatever that room has to offer. It may be the view from the window, the height of the ceiling, the amount of closet space, the kitchen layout, or he comfortable living areas. Put a picture on the windowsill to lead them to the view, tall flowers or greenery help people to notice ceiling heights, neat closets with empty space point to good storage, and new cushions on the sofa say it’s comfortable; please sit down.

Helping Them Remember Your Home

Here are two simple ideas:

  • Encourage people to stay. Bottled water or cookies get people to stay a little longer. An album of photographs showing your home, yard or views through the year is a powerful way to keep buyers in place. The longer they stay, the better they feel and the more they remember. As your Realtor, I will have brochures for them to look at and to take away.
  • Buying a home is emotional, people want to imagine what it would be like if it were their home. Focusing, lingering, and taking things with them all work on emotions, and all build the desire to buy.

The Takeaway

This is where I come in. I know King County, both Seattle and the Eastside. I know how to help you get the price you want in your preferred timeframe.

Now is the time to plan. Get in touch with me, so I can advise you on price, how I market homes, and how to prep your home to maximize the offers.